Options for Investing – What can we learn from this?

Deregulation + Age of Information = Options for Investing.

Millennials that have entered the workforce are more educated than ever before. Unemployment is at the lowest point in decades. So what are they doing with their spare change? Don’t worry, there’s an app for that. Whether its Stash, Robinhood or Acorns, a niche market has been filled, causing larger financial institutions to go scrambling – struggling behind mounds of regulation that can limit their rapid innovation and development.

What can we learn from this?

There’s always a market. Know your customer. When spending money on Amazon is as easy as swiping on Tinder, saving can become an afterthought. That’s exactly how companies like Acorns have cornered the market with Millennial investments. With every purchase being rounded off and invested – they’ve eliminated the friction points.


Do you have a business that has an opportunity to adapt as well?

Step 1: Get the customer in the door.

Step 2: Make the transaction seamless.

Is your brand communicating that ease of interaction?

Contact Mid City Modern today and let’s take a look at what your brand says.


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