User Experience Friction – Are you getting burned?

We all know this scenario:

You’re about to make an online purchase, but you don’t feel like searching through your wallet, finding your credit card (having sudden remorse, and double checking your balance), punching in the card number (remorse returns with the fear of internet fraud), checking out, selecting the shipping time… With each one of these points of thought, the consumer has the chance to change their mind because they cause friction.

Why has Amazon exploded as the prime example (get it?) of an online retailer? They’ve made it SO EASY to make a purchase. Whether it’s their analytics that put the perfect item in front of you, or getting the item in your hands with a simple swipe, they’ve mastered the art of eliminating friction points for the customer.

Brands across all markets are defining themselves by making it easier for you to purchase their services or consume their products.


How do you eliminate the user experience friction points and increase your chances of making the sale?

  1. Consider the User Journey

You’ve gotten them onto your website – now how many points do they have to go through to checkout?

  1. Eliminate the friction points

Is the extra text at the top of the page necessary to make this sale?

  1. Make it easy for the customer to close

Though there is no one-size-fits-all solution, marketing agencies specialize in collecting target customer data, giving a clear understanding on how to get your target customer to close that sale.

There isn’t a quick solution in eliminating all friction points in the user experience, but with the rise of digital technology, comes the rise in the amount of data and data collection tools that are available.

Understanding your consumer, then tailoring the experience can be the key to closing.


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